my biography

Yao kloutse current student at Illinois Media School. He is developing a career in radio and television and passionate about producing movies. his recent activities is working on some funny video to make his followers laugh on social media, photo shooting but also have a work that can help him taking care of himself. he currently working at the Gwen Hotel as ambassador. He have worked at a couple hotel before. helping people who are in need to get on their feet by creating strong bonds relationship with his friends.

Yao, was born in west Africa in a country where they native languages is french and Ewe he was graduate from high school in 2012 at Vic- Intelligentsia. Majoring in marketing and business management and did one year at university of Lome in 2013 but move to United state in 2014. He is very passionate for sport activities, love to follow new on soccer league. Sadly he lost his father in car accident at age 15 witch drag him a little insane but as boy he thought himself to be strong. In united state he had to start new life and decided to follow his dream by switching his major to broadcasting cause he felt in love with entertainment at his earlier age but could not pursuit that dream because it was not a opportunity at his home town.

yao, looking forward to pursuit his dream in movies production. it may comes as surprise for some people, as it did to them several years ago, that according to his will, he will make his dreams come trough. his self-reliance is an important thing for him because depending on yourself make you different from others. he would working  on some project in the future that may help succeed in his career. After graduate from from illinois media school he would like give back to his people in his home town because he feel like a lot people need to have a knowledge in this industry and make a changes to others.


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